University of Stuttgart


PhD in Computer Science

Stuttgart, Germany

University of Tuebingen


Master ("Diplom") in Bioinformatics

Tuebingen, Germany

  • Thesis: SpRay: A Visual Analytics Framework for Highdimensional Data


University of Tuebingen

05/2016 - present

Postdoctoral Fellow

Tuebingen, Germany


01/2014 - 03/2016

Postdoctoral Fellow

Sydney, Australia


11/2011 - 12/2012

Software Developer

Tuebingen, Germany

  • Developed Alicoid, a personal assistant for Android devices in German language

VISUS, University of Stuttgart

07/2008 - 09/2013

Research Assistant & PhD Student

Stuttgart, Germany

  • Research in visual analytics

  • Development of research prototypes

  • Tutoring and advising students

  • Peer review of paper submissions

  • Created a blog and online-ressource on parallel coordinates

Newbiotechnic, S.A.

04/2005 - 05/2006

Bioinformatics Assistant

Seville, Spain

  • Design and implementation of a grid-based software for high-throughput sequence analysis

  • Design and administration of biological databases


08/2001 - 08/2002

Software Developer

Tuebingen, Germany

  • Developed a software for the integration of microbiological data to a patient information system for the Hospital of the University of Tuebingen

  • Worked in a team of four freelance software developers


Personalised Oncology via Semantic Integration of Data (PersOnS)

since May 2016

Software Developer and Research Scientist

Schroedinger Inc.

Dec 2015 - Dec 2016

Warren L. DeLano Memorial PyMOL Open-Source Fellow

  • Developing a plugin to compute good viewpoints for molecular structures in PyMOL.

  • Maintaining the PyMOLWiki and pymol-users list.


Jan 2014 - Now

Software Developer and Research Scientist

Parallel Coordinates

July 2008 - Now

Software Developer and Research Scientist

  • Published multiple scientific publications, a Master’s Thesis and a PhD Thesis about parallel coordinates.

  • Launched, a website dedicated to making multidimensional data visualization accessible to the general public.

  • Contributing to d3.parcoords.js, a javascript-based library for parallel coordinates.

  • Organised and conducted tutorials, workshops, and courses about parallel coordinates.


Nov 2011 - Dec 2012

Software Developer

  • Developed Alicoid, a personal assistant in German language for Android phones.

  • More than 40,000 users since January 2011.

  • Best-selling app during the month of February 2011 in Germany.

IEEE Symposium on Big Data Visual Analytics (BDVA)

Sept 22 - Sept 25 2015

Founder and general co-chair










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